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Most of the music produced by LU studios is published by 22D Music, allowing it to generate income through worldwide royalty collection companies such as SACEM/SDRM, SABAM, PRSformusic/MCPS, ASCAP, BMI, SGAE, STIM, GEMA, AUME, SUISA, BUMA-STEMRA.
22D music effectively monitors and collects income generated by public broadcasting in the complex world of international music publishing administration.
22D Music, an independent music rights management company, with a special focus on music rights of audiovisual industries.
Most of the Arab musicians and composer are not being able to sustain their musical carrier.
It is very rare to meet composers that live of their original album sales or concert revenue.
The main reason for this is the lack of music labels and the absence of music publishers in the Middle East and Gulf countries.
It is also mostly due to  the big misunderstanding of copyright and how it generates income through royalty collection companies.

How it works

In countries that have signed agreements with copyright management companies/royalty collection companies , whenever a broadcasting station, television, radio, public spaces, internet or a mobile device broadcast a sound track, they have to pay royalty fees.
The copyright management company tracks its members’ songs or commercials that are being played and collects their shares.
In order for the royalty collection company to pay you , the track has to be declared!
To declare a track , you have to become a member of the royalty collection company and register the track .
Each track is declared with a form. On this form you give detailed information about the composition itself; Its name, who the composer is, who wrote the lyrics, you declare the lyrics as well, who created the orchestration, who paid for the recording and who is the publisher if you have one.
When you declare the track , you submit a recording on CD and/or a music sheet.
With the information declared, the rights management company is able to track, collect and distribute the money they have earned on the track. Dividends are paid accordingly to the people’s role in creating the track, as each has a different percentage of the cut.

The publishers role will be to assist you in declaring the compositions , follow up with the royalty collection company in order to make sure  you get your money. It will also , if it estimates that the track has potential, invest on it so it generates more broadcasts and copyright. The investment can be in form of money advance to the artist, advertisement or simply place it in films or adds depending on how big is the publisher s network.

In Lebanon the only rights collection company is Sacem , they get money from radios and televisions in exchange of a right to broadcast any music ( including yours  ). Even if u re not member of Sacem the Radios and TV will pay Sacem and if you are not registered , your money will simply wait for 3 years for you to claim it . After 3 years if you haven’t claimed your share, the money is redistributed to all Sacem members.

If you sign  with 22D Music Middle East ( it can be just a track) , we will help you through the registration process with Sacem.
We will declare your work and follow up on the exploitation to make sure you get your share .