Mastering is a process of turning a collection of songs into a record by making them sound like they belong together, in terms of tone, volume, and timing, which means the spacing between songs in an album.
Some treat mastering as a simple plug-in that you put on the master bus and run music through, and it automatically comes out mastered.
In reality, mastering is a process that involves:

  1. Raising the level of the song so that they are competitive with other songs in the same genre.
  2. Make a group of songs all sound the same in relative level and tonal quality.
  3. Finish them by editing out count-offs and glitches, fixing fades, adding PQ and ISRC codes and creating spreads for CDs and vinyl records.

LU Studio is committed to the K-System, which was invented by mastering engineer Bob Katz in an attempt to combat
excessive compression, improve dynamics and encourage consistent leveling practices in the industry.

Latest Mastering Projects: Halawella