On EQ-ing the piano

The piano can sound a lot different depending how it’s miked. If there’s one mike that’s directly over the middle of the strings, it will sound one way. If that mike is moved out into the room it will sound another way. If it’s mike with two mikes in stereo, it’s going to sound different yet again. Regardless of how it’s miked, there is a couple of frequency bands that make a big difference when it comes to equalizing and the first is the fullness of a piano.
If you want it to sound bigger and little bit closer to you, Low shelf between 80 and a 100/120 (depends on the piano and mic position) Hz will give you that fullness.

So there is one other band that you have to be aware of with the piano. And this is around 1k. It’s a mid-frequency band. if you boost it there you can make it sound like a honky-tonk piano.

It is important to EQ with the music playing so that it blends with the whole sound.

Fullness: Low Shelf between 80 and 120Hz

Presence: between 2 and 5Khz, with most pianos around 4Khz.

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